Stock indices and top mutual funds along with bollywood news

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What investors in the Indian stock market can’t compromise missing is news on the market including stock indices, commodity indices, currencies, mutual funds, and other investment options. While lakhs of investors put in money on NSE nifty stocks, an equal number of people invest in BSE stocks as well. But not all investors can expect similar results. It all depends on how the stocks are chosen. A blend of market news updation, use of investment tools like fundamental analysis and stock technical analysis, considering changing market trends, and related paraphernalia can help one take the right buying and selling decision.

As of 19th December 2011, Indian stock indices exhibited to their lowest close since August 2009. This is because more of selling rather than buying was witnessed. And the selling was triggered because of mounting concerns over slowing growth not to mention lingering global economic uncertainty. While sensex touched 28-month low, down 112 points, NSE nifty declined 38.50 points, or 0.83 per cent. Sensex ended at 15,190.74 and NSE nifty at 4,555.90.

Top mutual funds for the day are SBI Magnum Sector Funds (equity), Canara Robeco InDiGo Fund (debt), ICICI Prudential Balance (balanced), Birla Sun Life MIP – Sav (MIP), Escorts Liquid Plan – Gr (liquid), ICICI Prudential RIGHT F (ELSS), Reliance Gold ETF – Divi (ETF), Baroda Pioneer Gilt Fund (Gilt). If you compare these top mutual funds with those displayed a week ago, you will be surprised to know that most of the funds are not similar. The complete list may have changed altogether. You thus cannot take it for granted that top mutual funds of today cannot be the same after a week or even tomorrow. It is according to the changing trends that performances of funds depend on. If a particular sector maintains an uptrend for some time, you will find few or more funds of that sector categorized under top mutual funds. Keep a track of the stock indices as well. If stock indices witness an uptrend, they greatly affect performance of mutual funds as well.

Amid the tensions, two news sections that bring some relief are sports and Bollywood news. In fact, Bollywood and entertainment are synonymous terms. A glimpse at the latest Bollywood news only makes your day. 'Missing' Veena Malik being found at hotel in Mumbai, FIR against Vidya Balan for 'indecent' exposure, Shah Rukh saying he enjoys playing negative characters, are few of the latest Bollywood news.

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Stock indices and top mutual funds along with bollywood news

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Stock indices and top mutual funds along with bollywood news

This article was published on 2012/02/14